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01. December 12.2017

Digital transformation is gaining a significant momentum to create possibilities and opportunities for new technologies, innovation and creativity. The change associated with digital transformation affects all the aspects of human society including both individual businesses and whole segments, such as government, mass communications, art, medicine and science.

Partnership of Rationality

At the beginning of the fall, Rigel Networks and 7BC came into collaboration terming it as a partnership of rationality. 7 BC supports their customers by enhancing the digital transformation process, making it seamless and effective. Rigel Networks, on the other hand, complements this process by providing skilled resources to implement the defined strategy.  

Based in Gujarat (India), Rigel Networks Private Limited is a global IT services and software solution provider for various industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, construction, travel and hospitality. With over a decade in business, Rigel Networks provides the necessary and sufficient resources to implement IT services and solutions in the fields of programming, architecture, infrastructure and operations.

Web Development on Microsoft and Open Source – PHP, .Net and Java Technology

Mobile Development on iOS, Android and Hybrid platforms

Cloud Computing on Salesforce CRM

Remote Infrastructure Services and Technical 24 X 7 Helpdesk Services (L2, L3, Support)

Staffing – Permanent and Contractual Placement of Skilled Consultants from India

Cloud and Virtualization on Amazon, Azure, VMware and MS Hyper-V

Big Data Solutions on MongoDB, Apache Solr, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra

Business Process Outsourcing

7BC, with a holistic approach, has been bringing about digital transformations enabling companies to be in a fit state for the digital future. Since its fledgling days primarily in the automotive industries, 7BC has been able to emerge, by virtue of its innovation and methodological competencies, into other industries and sectors, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, public administration, banking and insurance, and facility management. There are four methods through which 7BC helps companies to make the digital transformations:

Activity-based costing (ABC)

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)

Multi Project Management (MPM)

Also, 7BC has developed customized and innovative products that in confluence with the methods facilitate smooth digital transformations:

Enterprise Analyzer for Activity-Based Costing

Landscape Manager for Enterprise Architecture Management

Service Modeler for Service-Oriented Architecture

Project Cockpit for Multi Project Management

In addition to a strategy implementation plan, 7BC delivers these results:

Accepted Enterprise Process Model

Complete Application Landscape

Service Catalog

7BC enables its customers to make successful digital transformations and Rigel Networks provides the necessary skills and resources to ensure if the implementations are as per the designed strategy.

“We are now in the position to offer our common customers a holistic portfolio for digital transformation—from an individual defined digitization strategy to the programmatic and technical implementation,” said Jürgen Böhm, CEO of 7BusinessConsulting AG.

While Bhairav Patel, CEO of Rigel Networks remarks: “With our resources and skills we are able to support 7BC to supply the overall DACH market in Europe.”


Rigel Networks Private Limited