/7BC/ Turbo

Focus: Integration of 7BC products based Business Intelligence

The / 7BC / TURBO is a comprehensive tool that all relevant for the digital transformation methods – combined to create a holistic approach – of Activity-based costing (ABC) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). A business process model, an application environment and a service catalog can thus be implemented in a very short time. This holistic approach supports the definition of a sustainable digitization and cloud strategy.

The / 7BC / TURBO …

  • … Combines the core competencies of 7BusinessConsulting a holistic solution together.
  • … Is the answer to complicated and expensive approaches for process and IT management.
  • … Defining the path of sustainable process orientation via standardized applications to service-oriented solutions.
  • … Through effective Multi Project Management (MPM) is controlled with SharePoint.
  • … Won the 2012 “Best in Cloud Award” in the category Cloud Transformation Services.

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