Frank P. Sempert

We are mourning for our Executive Board Member Frank.

Frank Sempert died unexpectedly on February 11, 2017. Our sincere sympathy is with his family.

The funeral takes place on March, 3rd 2017,
Waldfriedhof Eltville, Waldstrasse 29, 65343 Eltville.

Since 2015, Frank Sempert has been Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of 7BusinessConsulting AG. Since 2016 he was appointed COO to the Management Board and supported our company in the development of new business ideas in the area of digital transformation.

With him we will miss an important member of our company. We would like to thank him for his support.
Jürgen Böhm, CEO, 7BC AG

Detlef Exner

We are mourning for our Supervisory Board member Detlef Exner.

Detlef Exner died unexpectedly on February 03, 2017. Our sincere sympathy is with his family. Detlef Exner has been COO of e-shelter facility services GmbH since 2015 and previously CEO of DB Systel GmbH.

Since 2015 Detlef Exner has also been a member of the Supervisory Board at 7BusinessConsulting AG.

With him we will miss an important member of our company. We would like to thank him for his support.
Jürgen Böhm, CEO, 7BC AG

Thomas Kähler
Chairman of the 7 Business Consulting AG
Partner of Tax Consultants Kähler & Partner
The Master of Business Administration (BA) has 20 years experience as an accountant and is consultant for corporate succession and executorship. Mr. Kahler accompanies start-ups in all legal matters.

Jürgen Böhm
CEO of 7 Business Consulting AG
A mathematics graduate (FH) and management consultants has relevant experience in management and management methods. Jürgen Böhm has held various management positions and led projects worldwide in particular in the field of IT and process management. He worked for several years in the IT management of a major car manufacturer, systems developed itself to factory control, led by migration projects, joined the IT operations and built the first application support to. In the central Quality Management Jürgen Böhm was responsible for the development of new methods in the field of quality and process costs and led the Inhouse Consulting unit before the 7BusinessConsulting AG founded of 2002.
The team around Jürgen Böhm consists of 7 experts in the field of digital transformation.

Gabriele Horcher
Board member of 7BusinessConsulting AG
Managing Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH

The graduate communications specialist for 25 years worked as a communications expert in the IT industry. As co-founder and managing director of Möller Horcher, a company specializing in business-to-business communication of IT and high-tech enterprises agency, it is responsible for business development and the supervision of consultants. Today is their responsibility also includes the observation of the rapidly changing communications environment, the adaptation of the communications portfolio and the trend scouting.

Lisa Böhm
Board Member of 7 Business Consulting AG
The business data (M. Sc.) Brings the youngest member of the board of fresh air to 7BusinessConsulting AG.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Neumann
Board Member of 7 Business Consulting AG
Professor at the Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft
The computer scientist worked for many years as head of development in the IT sector, before moving to the University of Karlsruhe with the emphases and technology leadership. Besides his work at the university Prof. Neumann has worked as an IT consultant and coach, as well as entrepreneurs.
The main tasks of the Supervisory Board include monitoring the management, appointing the Executive Board and approving important corporate plans and decisions. With their expert knowledge the individual Supervisory Board members also also have an advisory role.

Arno Biging
Partner of 7 Business Consulting AG, Consultant
The graduate engineer has gained in leading positions of the Siemens group practical and management experience and has since 1989 worked as a management consultant – first as M & A advisor for US investors in Germany and later as a senior consultant and partner for Techno Part AG and 7BusinessConsulting AG. Arno Biging has successfully carried out organizing projects in industry and in public administrations across Europe in his capacity as a consultant.
His work focuses on the design of complex business organizations, the establishment of corporate management and multi-project management and change management in a difficult environment.

Prof. Franz Nees
Expert of 7 Business Consulting AG, industry and financial services
Professor at the Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft
The economics graduate has over 20 years of professional experience in management consulting. Franz Nees has acquired as a strategy consultant for industrial clients and financial institutions in-depth knowledge in the following areas: IT strategies and architectures, outsourcing, Change and Risk Management, Electronic Banking, E-Commerce. His work focuses on the Karlsruhe University are technology integration, bank management and computerized asset management.