One of the most spoken technologies of this era is creating an artificial mind, popularly known as Artificial Intelligence. Technology has always taken science to an unpredictable extent. Technology has taken this century to whole new digital world where everything around is being digitized and tasks are being performed automatically by the machines.


But when did this all start?

From the time when scientists spent most of their time finding the correct output with the use of command prompts; to the time when machines are taught to think by themselves, scientists worked tirelessly to get this into reality. Great human minds worked on different problem statements and verified their thought processes using mathematical algorithms and programming logic.


But how has logical thinking changed the map of technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence?

While mathematical models existed for a century, those were utilized only for simple tasks like forecasting – which is one time use of available data. But, with increase in computer power and with better infrastructure, Machine Learning – recycling of old data and addition of new data to make stronger algorithms, came into existence. The Deep Learning techniques which are part of machine learning became the backbone of today’s internet Artificial Intelligence.


Let’s understand some more aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Consider a chess player agent. If it is built on rule-based engine then the game would be according to the rules provided. But if agent is able to memorize the moves of opponent and start changing its strategy according the new data acquired, then that’s an Artificial Intelligence.

AI agents are made in such a way that they could perceive the environment, learn by themselves and act accordingly. The main purpose of AI is to work on tasks without any human intervention. All decisions made by the AI computer are based on data which is fed and initial mathematical models which are provided.