HEAT PUMP (R)evolution

HEAT PUMP (R)evolution Project – we also like to call “Google for heating systems” – was launched at the beginning of 2022. We constantly collect data from heating systems and analyze and compare this data to detect errors and achieve […]

Relaunch Web-Site

Since September 2020 we have relaunched our 7BC-Web-site with only two core services:  Machine Learning ML Internet of Things IoT We provide all services and support for these only. Some will say – that’s enough – we as well.

Past and Future of AI

One of the most spoken technologies of this era is creating an artificial mind, popularly known as Artificial Intelligence. Technology has always taken science to an unpredictable extent. Technology has taken this century to whole new digital world where everything […]

Visual Document Classification

Documents play a vital role in a person’s life. And of course documents are inevitable part of organizations too. Bigger organizations which have huge collection of all types of documents may not always able to keep those sorted all time. […]